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Mar. 2nd, 2009 02:41 pm
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This was a nice Potlatch and it was nice to have a chance to go.  It has been a number of years since I have been able to attend, for various reasons, so it was almost like a new experience for me.  My favorite part of Potlatch was seeing a number of people who I have not seen in quite some time and reconnecting with them, but it was also a great jewelry weekend for me.  Running the auction was a valuable experience, most of which I enjoyed.  I am releived that it went so well, and was so successful.

I think having the Auction drop-off table was helpful.  My hope was that it would inspire people to drop their contributions off sooner rather than later so that they could be entered into the database a little easier.  I think for the most part it worked, though there were still a couple of things that came in <1 hour prior to the start of the auction.  There were still some things missing out of the database, but mostly everything was organized.  It also helped to let people know who I was, since I haven't been around the community much recently.

I managed to see some programming on Saturday, and have lunch and dinner with friends, so despite the impending auction, it was a nice day.  One of my favorite things on Saturday was having [ profile] elisem make a pendant from a lovely Murano glass bead my sister gave me some years ago.  I will try to photograph it later and post it.  It is stunning.

The auction itself was a good deal of fun.   [ profile] klages made a surprise appearance after having the misfortune of an injury and volunteered to auctioneer.  I especially felt for her when she made the comment that it was very difficult to perform without being able to scamper about as she might normally do.  Co-auctioneers Jay Lake and Tom Whitmore kindly began to dance in her stead. "It's just not the same." she said whistfully. 

All three did a terrific job, selling some very interesting items.  The book "Cooking in Alaska" which was a whimsical donation because of the picture of Potlatch hats it contained sold well when Ellen pointed out a recipe for some sort of candy that seemed to involve copious amounts of lard.  Tom and Jay somehow managed to sell  the book "All I Ever Wanted to Know I Learned from Star Trek" not once, but twice after [ profile] imnotandrei paid us to take it back and auction it again.  Jay did a particularly nice job of modeling the custom pendant that Elise was donating, which was to be made at her table the next day.  Though he might have broken it, throwing it like that!

On Sunday morning I decided that rather than store two boxes of books that the Dealers said were pretty much worthless for a future auction, we would have a clearance sale.  We managed to sell all but 1/2 a box and those I bought and will post on Bookmooch.  If you put out books, you can trust fans to come and adopt some.

I closed up shop in time for the Helixes, Corals, and Brains: "Oh My!" panel with [ profile] kate_schaefer [ profile] elisem  and Laurie Edison. This was a terrific panel with each artist talking about their process, their inpiration and how it relates to math, science and nature.  [ profile] light_of_summer has already posted a poem she wrote inspired by the panel.

After this panel I rushed off to join the basic wireworking class [ profile] elisem was holding.  It was a wonderful class, and I am very much looking forward to getting together with a friend who also attended and practicing what i learned.  Everyone came away with a pendant and pair of earrings they made, and I am very happy with mine.  I was able to finally find a way I liked to use some cool beads I had been struggling with, thanks to the gift of some spacers.  

I got home about 6:15 last night and managed to stay awake until a little after 8 PM.  Tonight I will have to give a lot of attention to the wayward boys, who were quite unhappy to see me leave again this morning.


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