Apr. 16th, 2008 09:21 am
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Haven't much felt like writing, sorry for being so quiet lately, a couple of updates:
Garden update - mosaic virus 2, pole beans 0.  It looks like it might be in the bush beans as well now; they have stopped growing.  The neighbor's cat has also been digging in the unoccupied pot that the pole beans were in, so I am holding off until the weekend when I have time to empty it, clean it well and plant some squash I bought to replace the beans.  Hopefully those will be ok.  I just wasn't meant to have green beans this year.

Camus update - He has been behaving oddly.
His blood test results were not good.  The only normal thing was the thyroid numbers.  He is a little anemic and his kidney numbers are not promising.  We are going to try twice weekly sub-cu fluids to see if that helps, but I am concerned that the six months of stability we had might have been all we get.  He seems to feel ok, but so far the unusual behavior continues, so I continue to worry about him.
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The thyroid meds have been working, and Camus has regained most of the weight he had lost. Yay!  His kidney numbers are too high though, so we are working to adjust the meds to see if we can get a better balance. All in all though, he is doing much better!  Thanks to all for sending good thoughts.

I had a lovely trip to Colorado Springs for thanksgiving.  Screwy weather though, it was 73 degrees and sunny when I arrived on Monday.  Then it snowed Tuesday night and never got back above 40.  Nice to see the snow, but am glad it was just a little bit.  Uneventful flights to and fro, the best kind.
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We sure felt the quake at my place last night, I even made my way into the doorway because it felt strong enough to worry about, but I was not moving very fast either.  Nothing was broken, or even fell down, just some rattling.  Camus was pretty freaked out though, and sat in my lap for about 15 minutes afterward, which is unusually long for him.

Camus gained about 5 ounces at his weigh in on Saturday, and his appetite is decreasing a bit, so that's good news for the Hyperthyroidism.  Now I just have to make sure he is not getting more damage to the kidneys.
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I just had a nice conversation with Camus' vet (#2) whom he saw again last weekend.  The tests on the mysterious lumps were inconclusive so we still don't know what they are, where they came from or why they have not gone away.  But he is doing well at the moment, the new regimen of NSAIDs and Cosequin (glucosamine) supplements seems to be working, so I think we will not be pursuing the issue any further for now.

I'm still a bit frustrated at not knowing what caused the original crisis, but I am very pleased that it seems to have resolved itself.
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The good news:

Best friend C's surgery went well yesterday. completely routine and uneventful.  Just how we like them if they have to happen.  She is resting and feeling pretty good.

Camus/Athos is finally back on his stairs as of yesterday morning.  He even jumped up onto the couch today from his emergency escape stool (about a 2 foot vertical pull/jump) because someone else was lying on his stairs.  he still has the lumps, but is finally back to good movement.  Yay!

Not so good news:
I must've missed someone's half used scented dryer sheet in the laudromat yesterday, I can smell it on the shirt I'm wearing.  Fortunately my Alavert is working and I'm not having a reaction, but it's still annoying me a little.
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He seemed like his old self for a while this morning, he was definitely not feeling as much pain.  He started a new long-term pain regimen last night, so hopefully this morning is a good sign.  He was antsy and not avoiding extra movement at all.  He still went into the bathroom cabinet when I left for work, but I am hopeful.

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We have an appointment for tomorrow at 10:30 am for an x-ray series to try and determine what's going on.  He may need to be there all day, and he will almost certainly need to be sedated in order to make the x-ray possible.

Last night he was still in the bathroom cabinet when I got home.

The more I observe him, the more I feel that my instincts are good, and that I can get this resolved.  When I spoke to new vet #2 this morning she agreed to the course of action, and promised to brief new vet #3 (who I've met, though Camus hasn't) so that she is up to speed when I arrive tomorrow.  I will do my best to make sure that he gets the care that he needs.
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Something is wrong with Camus / Athos the little wonky eared guy in my icon picture. He has hissed at me a couple of times when I touch his chest or try to pick him up. I'm concerned that he somehow cracked or broke a rib or has some sort of internal injury.

His usual vet, who knows him well closed her practice recently. I thought it was fortunate that it was the evening before his appointment with the new vet that I first noticed the problem. But, it seems more like bad timing than serendipity, because the new vets don't know him. So they think that the pain he is obviously in is related to his arthritis. It is not. But I am having trouble getting them to HEAR me when I tell them that yes, he lives in chronic pain, I am familiar with his pain, this is different.

The result is that I feel unheard and powerless.  Not a good introduction to the new vets...



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