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My three cats are really adorable.

Camus has been attention seeking lately, and at 2 am it was cute having him nudge my hand for pets.

Less cute 3 am.

 At 4 am not very cute at all.  Just sayin.
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I had my first precious metal clay jewelry class last night.  I enjoyed it, though today am a little sleepy even after leaving a bit early.  I made two projects, neither of which I am terribly happy with, but they are not bad for a first try (especially since it was still 90 degrees here and the clay was drying much too quickly to give adequate working time for a beginner like me).  No worries though, I enjoyed the creative process.

Got home just in time to see the amazing end to the Blake/Santoro match at the US Open.  Then Dart got me good: while I was laying down reading he was chasing a fly.  There is now a nice slice in the middle of my forehead. 

I had a nice talk with my crush yesterday, still a little glowing from that....

The boss called this morning and he is taking the day off.  All that means for me is that there will be even less to do than there might have been.  Maybe.  I had a total of one task requested yesterday, which took all of 2 minutes.  We do have a meeting this morning, I've already set the room, so now just have to greet the presenters and get them set up.  And then I need to find something to do....



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