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Dart was just hilarious last night.  He has decided lately that the coffee table is his to lay on.  There were a few items on the edge of the table, claw clippers, lotion, a pack of cards.  He slowly and deliberately yawned and as he stretched one item was gently pushed off of *his* table.  Finally, all that was left was the pack of cards.  He looked right into my eyes as he pushed it off and then put on an expression that said very clearly "that's what I think of your stuff on MY table!" 

Busy week at work, lot's of running around.  On the bright side, if it keeps up I won't need to join a gym!
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My big news is that I picked up my brand new, shiny Toyota Prius on Friday!!  I really like it, and will write more about that later.

On the cat front, I am wondering what I can do about d'Artagnan.  He is very high strung, and really seems to be struggling with my being gone so much.  He was in an absolute state last week after my being gone for two days, but then he seemed to recover ok. 

I spent both days this weekend at home, and he was fine.  This morning as I began my get-ready-for-work routine, he started barfing again.  I'm worried that he needs people who are home with him all day and can give him all the attention he needs.  I can't do that for him.  What to do....???


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