Apr. 16th, 2008 09:21 am
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Haven't much felt like writing, sorry for being so quiet lately, a couple of updates:
Garden update - mosaic virus 2, pole beans 0.  It looks like it might be in the bush beans as well now; they have stopped growing.  The neighbor's cat has also been digging in the unoccupied pot that the pole beans were in, so I am holding off until the weekend when I have time to empty it, clean it well and plant some squash I bought to replace the beans.  Hopefully those will be ok.  I just wasn't meant to have green beans this year.

Camus update - He has been behaving oddly.
His blood test results were not good.  The only normal thing was the thyroid numbers.  He is a little anemic and his kidney numbers are not promising.  We are going to try twice weekly sub-cu fluids to see if that helps, but I am concerned that the six months of stability we had might have been all we get.  He seems to feel ok, but so far the unusual behavior continues, so I continue to worry about him.
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I pulled and trashed 4 pole beans plants this morning.  When I got home last night I saw that the curling of the leaves was getting worse and the plants seemed to be shrinking.  After doing some research, I decided  that it is likely that the plants were infected with a bean mosaic virus.  the seedling that are still indoors appear fine, but i will wait until this weekend to plant them outside I think.

But in the pre-dawn light as I left the house this morning I think I may have seen a spot on the cucumber plants that were next to the pole beans.  Sigh.  I hope the virus will/has not spread to them.
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My attempt at a veggie garden on my deck was an utter failure last year , yielding only a handful of carrots, three small broccoli flowers and a few bunches of too small kale.

Being the never admit defeat sort of person that I am, I spent much of the weekend planting a much expanded version.   If this attempt doesn't do a lot better I'll switch to flowers I suppose.

I am using better soil this year, mixed generously with compost, and allowing a lot more space per plant (I was way to optimistic last year and overcrowded everything.) Thanks to a friend who gave me some of her leftover large containers, and to buying a few more, I hope I have given the plants enough room to develop this time.

The whole is a bit of a motley collection of plastic and clay containers, but once the growth really begins I hope it will look ok.  It's not really an ornamental garden after all.


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