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Well, we finished setting up my standing work set up, and I really like it!  I do need a comfort mat to stand on though, working on that.  The installation of the swing arm for the monitor has more leftover parts than I think were used in setting it up.  But it hasn't fallen down yet, so I will just hang onto them and see what happens.

Stood for a lot of the day yesterday, which while it feels better on my knee at the time may have caused a backlash.  I could barely walk this morning.  No idea about whether it was that or something else yesterday.  MRI scheduled for next week can hopefully get to the bottom of the knee issue.  For today i went back to wearing the brace, which is uncomfortable, but it feels a lot better.
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When I left the office yesterday the Facilities guy was busy installing my new standing-is-optional office set-up.  This consists of a new keyboard tray that goes up and down and a swing arm for my monitor so it can move up and down also.  I didn't really think there was much point to hovering over him while he worked, so I took off figuring all would be set in the morning.

It sort of is.    The keyboard tray is awesome, I really like it, it's easy to reposition and has a perfect range for my height.  But the monitor has not been set up yet.  The Facilities guy is not in yet, so I can't check with him, but I suspect he went as far as he is comfortable with without an IT person involved.  So here I am waiting....

I hope I can get this set-up completed today.
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In your normal, average, everyday workplace you should never have to evacuate your office because of an awful odor coming through the air vents.  But this is not an everyday workplace, sigh. Someone's experiment got sucked through their hood ventilation and into the building vents today and all of a sudden everyone in an office had their eyes watering.  Uck.

It begs the question though, this time we could smell it, but what is coming through those vents on a regular basis that we CAN'T smell??
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it's 10:10 am and I have had no work emails since 2 pm yesterday afternoon.  Since my work is largely driven by what others need from me, I am feeling a bit unwanted.

yesterday morning was so busy, I was so hopeful that the week would trend that way.

Oh well, back to writing some long-overdue letters....


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